A Guide to Army Reserve Unit Patches

A Guide To Army Reserve Unit Patches A Guide To Army Reserve Unit Patches

If you know anything about the military, you probably know about Army Reserve Unit Patches. The US Army Reserve has a wide variety of Army Reserve Unit Patches, and it can be confusing to figure out what goes with what, so let's dive in and take a closer look.

From the history of the designs to how they are worn and displayed, this guide will provide an overview of US Army Reserve Unit Patches and give you the knowledge you need to ensure your uniform looks sharp with Army Reserve Unit Patches.

So if you want to know what's unique about patches in the US Army Reserve and how to wear them correctly, read on.We'll cover all that, plus how unit patches serve as symbols of pride formembers of the US Army Reserve!

Overview of US Army Reserve Unit Patches

When you think about US Army Reserve unit patches, your first thought may be of a small cloth patch with a military emblem stitched on it, and you'd be right. That's just what the traditional Army Reserve unit patch looks like. But there's more to these patches than meets the eye.

US Army Reserve Unit Patches serve more than one purpose. They are used to identify the unit to which members are assigned, but they can also be used to express pride and patriotism. These patches come in various colors and shapes, creating an attractive visual display of the unit's activities and accomplishments.

Each patch typically has two components: a background color that typically corresponds to the parent organization or section of the service (for example, light blue for aviation units) and an emblem that usually carries an inspirational or meaningful message related to the unit's mission (for example, an eagle soaring with wings spread wide). Some patches are also customized with slogans that celebrate achievements or commemorate special events within a unit's history.

How to Wear and Display US Army Reserve Unit Patches

To wear and display US Army Reserve Unit Patches, follow uniform placement and attachment methods guidelines. Patches are typically worn on the uniform's right shoulder and attached with hook-and-loop fasteners or pin backing. If displaying on clothing or accessories, ensure the patch is securely attached and follow proper etiquette. To care for patches, avoid exposing them to excessive heat, water, or direct sunlight, and store them in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Army Reserve Patches by State

When you're a part of the Army Reserve,you take pride in wearing your unit patches. Each patch is unique, representingthe spirit of your unit and telling everyone who sees it where you come fromand what you believe in.

The US Army Reserve is divided into sevenregional commands called regional support commands (RSC). Each RSC is dividedinto subgroups known as Reserve-component areas and then further into stateformations known as "regiments."

Each regiment has its distinct patchdesign. For example, the 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment in California's patchesfeature two red swords crossed on a tan background with gold trim and text. Onthe other hand, the 7th Battalion, 8th Regiment in Alabama, features a blueshield with three white stars on a green background.

It's essential to look up your specificregiment's patch design to know what to expect when ordering or designingpatches for your unit!

Collecting and Displaying Army ReservePatches by State

To collect and display Army Reservepatches by state, consider acquiring patches through trading or purchasing andadequately storing and displaying them. Creative ideas for incorporatingpatches into themed displays or collections include arranging them by state ormilitary unit. Additionally, the patches reflect each state's unique historyand culture, so gaining insights into these characteristics can add to thecollection's significance.


The Army Medical Command (AR MEDCOM)patch is a unique identifier used by the US Army Reserve Medical Department. Itis worn on the left shoulder of a uniform and typically consists of an eaglesurrounded by a wreath with the letters "US," as well as arepresentation of the US flag. The patch is used to signify that the wearerbelongs to this unit and to identify them as part of the US medical corps.

The AR MEDCOM patch has several featuresthat help to distinguish it from other patches, such as:

The eagle at its center is depicted in gold and represents strength and courage

  1. The olive wreath symbolizes peace
  2. The four stars in the wreath denote the four branches of service: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines
  3. The red stripes represent valor and sacrifice
  4. The white field with blue cornerstones serves as a salute to the American flag
  5. Finally, the letters "US" signify that this individual belongs to a reserve unit in our nation's armed forces.

Given all these distinguishingcharacteristics, it can be seen why this specific patch stands out when worn onany US Army Reserve uniform. Not only does it symbolize belonging to one ofAmerica's most elite military forces, but it also showcases individual strengthand courage.

How to Wear and Display the AR MEDCOM Patch

The AR MEDCOM patch is worn on the rightsleeve of the Army Combat Uniform or the Operational Camouflage Patternuniform. It should be centered on the velcro square of the sleeve pocket flapwith the eagle facing forward. Only one patch is authorized to be worn andshould be sewn onto the uniform in good condition.

Army Sustainment Command Patch

You may not have heard of the ArmySustainment Command patch, but it's something to look at. This particular patchis worn on the left shoulder of the full dress uniform and the right shoulderfor all other uniforms.

The symbolism behind this patch is quitepowerful. The sword represents strength and power and reminds us to protect anddefend our country in need. The dragon symbolizes courage and determination,while the flames emphasize service, honor, and sacrifice.

The Army Sustainment Command Patch alsohas a unique shape, the shield, symbolizing the dedication and commitmentnecessary for service in any branch of the military. Gold, black, white, andred reflects American patriotism and pride in the country.

A patch like this isn't just a prettypicture; it's an everlasting symbol of your commitment to protecting somethingbigger than yourself: your country. Wear it all with pride!

Placement and Usage of Army Sustainment Command Patch

The Army Sustainment Command patch isworn on the right sleeve of the Army Combat Uniform or the OperationalCamouflage Pattern uniform. It should be centered on the velcro square of thesleeve pocket flap with the eagle facing forward. The patch is authorized forwear only by soldiers assigned to the Army Sustainment Command. The patchshould be displayed prominently in formal situations, such as ceremonies orofficial events.

The Role of the US Army Reserve UnitPatch

If you're familiar with the US Army, youmay already know the importance of US Army Reserve Unit patches. They are anessential part of military protocol and identify the unit to which a soldierbelongs. They also help personnel differentiate between departments and evenseparate commands within the same force.

Why Are Patches Important?

The US Army Reserve Unit Patches is a crucial way to show pride in the unit that a soldier is a part of while also giving leadership quick identification of their personnel. It also serves as an identifier for all members when deployed overseas, ensuring that everyone is accounted for and easily distinguishable from other service members.

Patches help build camaraderie and givesoldiers something to rally behind in times of crisis or battle. Each patchcarries its unique symbolism, including insignia that indicate the branch ofservice, nickname or motto of the unit, parent organization, or 89officialbadge insignia.

Ultimately, these patches are meaningfuland necessary for a cohesive military unit for all branches. They help buildteam spirit and identify those who serve their country in the US Army Reserve.

Final Words

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