Embroidery Digitizing

The word Embroidery Digitizing refers to a process of converting artwork in to digital data, which is then further stitched on to a piece of fabric or other stuff by using computer control embroidery machines. In TrueDigitizing you will find our provided quality and artwork above then your expectation and surely above then the result offered by others in the market.

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Vectorizing Services

TrueDigitizing a leading company rolled out in the market with a motto to provide highly well designed embroidery and printing services to the market. In order to achieve our goal we developed different tools and strategies to make complicated task easier for our worth full customer to give them more ease.
In TrueDigitizing we strive hard to provide the Vectorizing Services. We strive hard to offer our service in much less price and in much less time.
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Our offering in True Digitizing

TrueDigitizing with the help of highly trained and skilled staff offering a wide range of designs, three dimensional effects, tiny letter, layered threads patterns, tiny alphabets, unmatched precision and 3D puff embroidery. Our all offerings and high standard expertise comes under much less price tag, in TrueDigitizing we make it sure that you always pay less what you are getting.

Accuracy is our first preference

Our customer oriented company TrueDigitizing always offer high standard results, which are far better than our competitors. We believe in quality rather then quantity, but our expert team consist of much higher number make it sure that you will get as much quantity as you want, without any compromise on quality. In the service of Embroidery Digitizing we offer you UN match designs and quality.

Unmatched services

TrueDigitizing is customer oriented company offering high standard designs to their worth full customers, but that’s not all! we are offering our services with much more advantages some of them are.

  • Fast turnaround, after placing your order we will make it sure that you will get your stuff as soon as possible
  • Fast edit, If you want any modification in your designed shirt, we make it sure that we will provide you your desired stuff in no time
  • Free quote
  • Quality and accuracy ensured
  • Well trained and friendly staff.
  • Free first embroidery digitizing offer gives you a chance to try us without risk your saving.
  • 50% off on first vectoring order.
  • Flat rate digitizing prices give you an option to place your order directly without having fear of pay per 1000 stitch count.
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